Established in 1979, Air & Water Solutions, Inc. is a privately owned biotechnology company headquartered in Nutley, New Jersey. Our company's mission is to remain on the cutting edge of science and technology by incorporating environmental consciousness, pursuing sustainability and renewable energy sources, and designing and producing innovative technology and products.


Air & Water Solutions designed the world's first portable biological air cleaning system for odor control and air quality control. The BioOx® Clean Air System employs natural micro-organisms and enzymes to eliminate odors, germs, and dust from the air. By-products released into the work environment during production or manufacturing processes create odors and poor air quality, which can include gases, fumes and particulates. BioOx Clean Air Systems remove these compounds from the air and naturally digest them, thus eliminating odors and improving air quality. Conventional air cleaners take some of these substances out of the air, but they don't work well and they create new waste streams: dirty filters, dirty carbon, etc. BioOx Clean Air Systems are a sustainable, environmentally conscious, and all-natural way to control indoor air quality as they do not increase energy usage, nor produce additional environmental waste. Our technology uses the Earth]s natural defense systems to destroy man-made pollutants and restore healthy air quality.

Additional products under our BioOx® line include:

BioOx Gold: Natural media for use with BioOx Clean Air Systems. BioOx Gold promotes the capture of odor-causing compounds from the air and biologically oxidizes (digests) them in our clean air systems.

BioOx Green: Natural media for Plants. BioOx Green naturally enhances plant growth in horticulture, agriculture and gardening. Use as a soil and/or water additive to enhance plant growth, increase soil metabolism and nutrient absorption, and minimize the need for nutrient additives. BioOx Green also saves water by aiding soil in moisture retention.

BioOx Blue: Natural media for use with water based systems. Use BioOx Blue in fish ponds, aquaponics, fish farms and aquariums to naturally control ammonia and nitrogen cycles, pH, algae and aid in water clarity.

BioOx Red: Natural media for use in cleaning workplace and concrete floors. Use BioOx Red on spills from oil, chemicals, pesticides and other products to restore biological balance and remove stains.

All of our BioOx natural products are made in the USA. For more information or to purchase any of our BioOx natural products, call us at 201-953-1719 or contact us at info@air-water-solutions.com.


Solmedx, the biomedical division of Air & Water Solutions, is engaged in the development of medical devices, nutritional supplements, and clinical protocols to assist in patient monitoring and health. The company designed the Immunogram™ Analyzer (patents pending), a tool for measuring overall immune system health. Our objective is to strengthen the immune system to enable the body to cure itself.

The Immunogram™ Analyzer indicates the strength of an individual's immune system, predicts an individual's response to treatment, and identifies those individuals most likely to overcome the threat of disease. Immunograms quantitate the body's ability to deliver oxygen to cells and tissues for energy usage, immune response, and detoxification.

The Immunogram™ Analyzer is currently used in clinical studies at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) to predict non-responders to interferon treatment for individuals with Hepatitis C. Additional studies are planned for evaluation of individuals with Alzheimer's, ALS, and other neurodegenerative diseases; Cancer; Diabetes; HIV/AIDS, Huntington's Disease, Parkinson's Disease (PD), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and other auto-immune diseases; and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

For a complete overview of Solmedx products and clinical studies, visit www.solmedx.com


Regen Technology, our independent energy division, is engaged in the development and production of sustainable energy technologies. Renewable energy sources (solar, wind and biomass) are used to sequester CO2 and produce soil amendment products. The process produces super-clean CO2, which can then be used for tertiary oil recovery, biological fuel- and electrolysis-cells, and as a source for making liquid fuels, such as gasoline. Lime and biochar are also produced, which are used for fertilizer, soil amendment, and environmental cleanup.

Regen Technology, along with Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been the recipient of several successful New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program grants. Based on the results of these studies, Soilco has designed a small-scale reactor for heating limestone and biomass. As a result of these findings, the next phase is to build a 25 kg reactor.

To learn more about Regen Technology’s projects,
visit www.regentechnology.com.


BioOx® Natural Media promotes the biological oxidation of contaminants in air and water. BioOx Media digests organic contaminants and renders non-organic materials harmless. Made in the USA for use in BioOx Clean Air Systems and other products, BioOx Natural Media is neither genetically modified nor engineered.


Air & Water Solutions is headed by Dr. Sam Sofer, a leader in the development of bio-based industrial products. Please contact us at:

Air & Water Solutions, Inc.,
P.O. Box 627
Nutley, NJ 07110.

Dr. Sofer can be contacted directly at ssofer@solmedx.com.


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